November 7th, 2010: Liess Paine

My whole idea was picking this date so I could start talking about all the amazing things I saw, did and thought on my holidays.

I am not very social, and my group of friends is small, but great. In may this year I decided to visit one of my best friends, and in October it was finally time.
It took me 11 hours to come where I wanted to be, that is 8.35 min flying, and the rest was delay. But, just a little over 3 pm Philadelphia time, I was laughing and hugging 1 of those best friends.
It is unbelievable how normal this could be…. the person, which I talked to for more than a year now, on every single way possible (SL, MSN, Skype, phone…) , was standing right in front of me, and it seemed like we did this every month, like it was totally normal.
The feelings we were able to share online, we could also share in real, all the feelings I didn’t really have anymore with my real life friends, or at least, not always, and especially not on the moment I need them.

Even when it happens a lot in here that friendships are gone in a second, or trust is ruined, I do love my second life. I love all my real friends in there. I love the things I do, and I am so grateful for being able to log in every day, and share a little bit of my RL with them.
So, yea… I didn’t really shared the things I did on my time in the states, besides the most important thing : Enjoying my time with my best friend, and I cant wait to schedule my next trips, to my other -real- friends.


Liess Paine is a 24 year old mother, owner and designer of KHUSH, blogs on, and co-owns the amazing sim ‘Blau’! She loves her animals, friends, Plurk, her blackberry, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and getting wasted when she gets the chance. “Music is the Answer”.


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