November 11th, 2010: Chance Greatrex

I am a stay at home dad right now, with my baby boy Felix, 11 months. However I have two boys. The older boy Leo is 5. This week I have been sick. My sons have been sick as well. Stomach flu. Today we spent a great deal of time in the couch bundled up together watching TV. It was truly beautiful, even if I was nauseous the whole time and Leo has low in energy falling asleep. I loved that moment we had together. I felt like a good, comforting father. I spend a lot of time with my baby boy. My favourite time of the day is when he falls asleep in my lap after breakfast, I don’t want to move, because it might wake him. Sometimes he sleeps for hours! It’s lovely. Today I got to spend this moment with both my boys. With one child under each arm and a warm blanket, it was a true moment to cherish. It didn’t even matter that I had to change diapers 5 times extra and mop up a little vomit here and there during the rest of the day. Go figure!

As much as I love SL I have not been in world for ages it feels like. I am not inspired and have lost connection with it. RL has completely taken over right now. I wish there was more hours in the day so I could log in and be productive in SL, since I have my business and all. I really want to spend time on my brand and develop my shop and I miss being creative. However there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I just have to accept that there is a time for everything, and right now RL is what I’m focusing on. I have a feeling SL is not going anywhere for some time and I will be able to get back in there and play soon. Hopefully the people I love will still be there too.


Chance Greatrex is 36 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. In SL he owns ..::DARE::.. , tries to stay up to date with SL fashion and loves the creative genius he sees everywhere. In RL he teaches ballet and is a total TV reality show junkie.


2 Responses to “November 11th, 2010: Chance Greatrex”

  1. Chalice (Cha Cha) Carling Says:

    You have heaven right there at home. What a beautiful post. If only we could clone father’s like you, the world would be a much better place.

    Hello Felix and Leo…get better soon darlings.

  2. anya ohmai Says:

    It took me awhile to realize you wrote this and you’re given permission to slap me for that; either ways, I’m glad you found your moment, the moment of realizing what beauty lies in your real life. We’ve been through quite some time in second life together and I’m glad to know you as a friend, and I can’t be happier that your moment right now is spending time with your family. As you said, secondlife will never leave, or at least the people whom love you dearly will always be in there, or anywhere else contactable. I hope you’ll always remember that you have an asian friend not further than a click of a mouse away, to always here the things you have to say and know how special you are :)

    Now go off and finish them fatherly duties, please send hugs to Leo and Felix as well, the dear “angels” ;)

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