November 13th, 2010: Sabra Karu

I woke up to a cool crisp fall morning, I love this weather, this time of year.  Today I had one thing on my mind, my best friend Kierra.  On this day 5 years ago she was taken from my life in a road-rage accident.  She left behind my precious godchildren, twins Tristan and Alexa.  Even today I can feel the pain of losing her, the utter devastation of someone you love so much suddenly being gone.

In honor of Kierra I wore purple in both worlds, her favorite color.  I brought her flowers and hung them on the sign that warns drivers passing by to drive safely at the sight of her accident.  I kissed the foreheads of her children with tears in my eyes, thinking how they will never remember her sweet voice and contagious laugh.  Alexa has her smile, Tristan with her hazel eyes.

It’s funny, I have never shared this with anyone in my SL.  This event is something that I hold close to my heart with her memory.

As I walked away from the accident sight heading back to my car, a large dragonfly flew a single circle around me and headed into the woods.  This may not mean anything to you…  but it lifted my heart as Kierra had a “slight” obsession with dragonflies.


Sabra Karu 27, living in Florida by way of Ohio. Loves toying with photography, has an amazing SL family that keeps her grounded and inspires her to do more. And has an awesome boyfriend, RL & SL and is more obsessed with shopping in SL than RL.


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