November 14th, 2010: Gabe Bookmite – Cont’d

Today has been uneventful. After waking up, eating cinnamon and attending a new church; My mom and I raked leafs in our front yard. My dad didn’t help us because he said “Well you two are here longer then I am” which is true I guess, but whatever.

Last time I had the honor of posting here was June 15th. I was in the middle of moving. But right now I am settled in my new home in Alexandria, VA. I started at a new school and what not. We are still in our fall classes.

In SL, things have changed a bit. The first change is I am now partnered to Garrett Ceriano. Today he informs me that on November 23rd (his RL birthday) we will have been dating for six months. Sometimes it seems longer and sometimes shorter. We learn new things about each other and it makes me smile.

We now live in our new house. Our first one that we had was all grey and monotone. At a point of our relationship we were angry at each other all the time. And it was that house. That grey monotone house that had studio doors that would open and close and made sounds if you did not move away from them. AND, flipping shadow prims! Home builders, if you want shadows put them on the texture. No one wants to cam around your stupid texture prims!

Since we talked, I was hired and fired as a PR, now I work with Menstuff, a new male hunt group. Our first hunt happens in January.

With all these things, I am now finding my way to being happy. I have not been happy in a long time, and right now I wouldn’t say I am happy. But I am getting closer every day.


Gabe Bookmite is now a 21-year-old living in the DC area. In SL he is a blogger:, and a model working for MADagency. He is SUPER PRETTY.

Gabe’s previous post was on June 15th, 2010.


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