November 16th, 2010: Argus Collingwood

Today is more or less the one year anniversary of my hubby Farrokh Vavoom, aka Mark’s release from Scripps hospital in La Jolla so I am going to quote from my blog of one year ago as I am reflecting on those wild times. We managed to keep our FL & SL lives going during the time we spent in the Del Mar area and are so thankful for our SL/RL family and friends. First, the Birthday 2009 entry and then the release blog. The photo was taken by me of us dancing at Bogarts on 9/11/2010. We are doing fine and it’s a Blessing.

They Say It’s Your Birthday :-)
Mark turns 22+33 today and he is happy to be recovering from this Life Changing Event with all his family and friends praying for his welfare. Bless you all! Day by day he improves. The Dynamic Duo PT team are giving him a workout at the moment, so I am updating the blog. Wish I could post pictures, but the bandwidth limits at the hospital are just too small to allow that. Things are lining up to make the transition to rehab, a very simple process, and we will do whatever it takes to get past that and home for good. We miss you all and love you very much. <3

Mark is being discharged. We will stay in Del Mar and setup an evaluation with Scripps Outpatient Rehab unit to see our next course of action. Bless all of you who have been praying and Bless Doctor Tung, Ed R., Amber OT, the dynamic Duo [PT] and all the angels at Scripps who have helped us get to the next level. We would not have gotten this far without them and all our families and friends. Thanks for all the continued prayers, they really work. <3


Argus Collingwood has been married forever to DJ Farrokh Vavoom in SL and RL. They were both the Internet operations team for the rock band Journey in RL and SL. In her own right, Argus is a landowner, event coordinator, club owner, Member of the Magicians, photographer, designer , host and dancer. She loves to read, dance, design clothes, listen to music, and meet new people and make new friends. She also Blogs, Tweets, Facebooks and MySpaces. You can find her anywhere on the web by googling her name.


2 Responses to “November 16th, 2010: Argus Collingwood”

  1. callie cline Says:

    wow, what a touching story. i’ve always admired you both and now i know why i’ve sensed such love and depth in you both.

    what a touching post. thanks for sharing that with every one.

    you’ve been a faithful and awesome customer for years and i’ve always loved chatting with you both and my heart is happily warmed after ready your post.

    much love to you both. :)


  2. Jenny Croffoot Says:

    Wow I was thinking a year was coming up! This story is so near and dear to our heart as you well know! Good to hear Mark has come so far with his new life altering change… You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball! I do know the power of prayer and the power of Faith! Always thinking of you two and how many people you have touched. Your smiles light up the world so keep on, keep on.. Much love to you both.. Darryl and Jen

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