November 19th, 2010: Laurenza Republic

I was so excited to get through my work day today and head straight to the hospital to finally meet my best friend’s new baby girl. She was everything I had imagined she would be and it was pure heaven to hold her in my arms and watch her sleep. Moments like that help put the day’s troubles to rest.

I forgot all about dealing with the crazy, holiday shoppers, my nutjob manager, and sad paycheck.

Until now.

No matter how you slice it, working in retail is a bitch. It’s not something I ever dreamed I’d be doing as a career. This was supposed to be temporary after being laid off from my artistic job in February 2008. I shouldn’t complain so much because there are still people without a job and being laid off from their jobs every day. On the contrary, I’m not ashamed to admit that collecting unemployment compensation was probably the best time of my life.


Laurenza Republic is a sassy, smart, and silly lady who wears the pants in every relationship.
In Second Life, she makes furniture (Republica), is fond of her “boys”, sings all the time, uses way too
many gestures, and will often drop trou in front of you without warning. In the real world, she is from the City of Brotherly Love and works in The Armpit of America.


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