November 20th, 2010: Nieve Thor

4 years ago, my father received the second highest award from the National Scout Association in my country. As far I can remember, he was a dedicated Scout member, and being honoured with such award really made my heart swell with pride and joy for him. People might question why the day is so special for me to write it in here, well it was the last day I ever kiss him; it sort like ritual to me to kiss him on both cheeks and his forehead before I headed back to my place. Two weeks later, he collapsed while doing his gardening and died. That day I lost the only parents I have left forever.

I know I was not the same since the day he died. I was grieving inside for almost a year. I used to blog almost everyday but that year I kept everything as private as I wanted it to be. I found writing fiction as my main escapism. I just wrote whatever cross to my mind. During this journey, I found about NaNoWriMo; an event where people write throughout November. Within few days after reading through the official forum, I found about Second Life. I was curious about it because it did not mention anything about playing game that you need to level up or chat room or avatar chat. I joined SL without knowing anybody or anything in SL. I was a lone ranger and secretive back then.

9 days ago was my Third Rez Day. Few thing has changed since then, I am no longer a lone ranger. I have my own little family, friends, and a whole lot more inventory than I used to have. A month ago, my SL son told me he just graduated and that make me, one proud momma.

Today, I read again the news about my father received the award from the archive of local news website while sitting at my SL beach house. I still refuse to call him “late” because I feel it is a typo error.


Nieve Thor is from Asia. She is a model, blogger and trying to be a devoted mother in SL. In RL, she loves doing wire jewelry on her spare time. She still trying NaNoWriMo for the 4th time.


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