November 21st, 2010: Stephen Venkman


The Ice storm from the night before cancelled my plans for the day. Poker would just have to wait until next month. I settled down next to my partner with a mug of fresh coffee and logged into Second life.

By the time I log in my partner has already IM’d a few friends, shopped on Xstreet, snapped photos of a new dress for her virtual wardrobe and moved a few trees from last night’s creative musing. I have to laugh as I know I’ve created a monster, but I’ve traveled this road as well. It’s great to see her enjoying herself and experiencing the pleasure of Second Life. It wasn’t an easy journey for me finding someone to share this world with. I have to say I have the best of both worlds.

We had rezzed a new house over the weekend, and tweaked it to our satisfaction.  Coco had gone shopping for the right couch, while I was terraforming a row of mountains behind the house. I am knee deep in virtual snow while Coco is showing me rugs online that she wants me to recreate in photoshop. I flip screens and peek at a clothing blog. Tp to a new men’s store spend 1500 lindens, tp home. My IM window pops open and it’s Silverdrake Sparrow inviting people over for tea. Unable to refuse an impromptu photo opportunity I pop on over.

Silver is striking with her red hair and purple hat, as is Kamalin who is dressed all in white with a bit of black. The party is just getting started so I snap away before having to depart. It’s time for a break from the PC’s as a great movie is about to begin on T.V. and the invite to snuggle up in bed to watch together cannot be refused.  Yes, the best of both worlds.


Stephen Venkman was rezzed on 03/29/06. Photography is his passion. He also creates textures, custom shapes, and virtual environments. You can see his work on flickr.  New works not seen before exhibited at Housed in the Museum of Second Life Photography for the next four weeks.


2 Responses to “November 21st, 2010: Stephen Venkman”

  1. Raul Crimson Says:

    Great post, my friend… That’s the best in life, to take the best on both worlds.

  2. Gabby Panacek Says:

    Beautiful, Steph. It is so good to see you happy in both lives. <3

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