November 22nd, 2010: Laika Saintlouis


Today is moving day. My girlfriend and I are finally settling down, moving in to an apartment in the city. I go between Photoshop and Second Life, creating content for my new business and from there I go occasionally back to our boxes, some of which I empty and flatten and some of which I empty only to refill with the many surplus things that we don’t need on display or want to get rid of, inherited family nick-knacks, a cat carrier, an old gaming console that lacks all its cords and vital organs, several large suitcases, a convection heater rendered purposeless by the thick windows and huge cast iron radiators of the new apartment and a box filled with household items accidentally borrowed from my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend whom she lived with for a few months before we met. All these things take up little space in the apartment, one walk-in cupboard that has no other purpose, but they all possess and equally possess a despondent bulk, a gravitas that must be contained, they languish there and hold for us both an affection and a guilt akin to the feeling one gets when lighting a cigarette.

In Second Life I work on another item for my store, something which will never perish but which will never-the-less become lost in a few dozen inventories over time. In preparation for writing this article I try to analyse my Second Life, in order to say something large and trite about what it means to play the game. Instead I settle on something silly and whimsical about clutter, because it’s what’s around me. In doing so I search my inventory and come across a variety of abominable outfits and keepsakes of my four years. There’s a lot because I‘ve never bothered to clean my inventory. For me there has always been a vitality and an honesty connected with the laziness of hoarding something in deletion sprees that pertains to death and lying, the cutting off of unsightly, but vital roots. So I carry about every success, every failure, every accomplishment, every disappointment and every sorrowful prim penis.


Laika Saintlouis is a 24 year old English Literature graduate from the UK, recently re-situated in Canada. In Second Life he blogs for Look at these f*cking SLipsters and owns a store called Alphavillain.


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