November 23rd, 2010: Autumn Hykova


Do you ever wonder how many small decisions completely change your life? I know that sometimes seemingly meaningless actions on my part have come back and affected my life in really surprising ways, good and bad. One of those decisions was to sign into this game my best friend in real life had told me about, Second Life.

At first I would only play with Sam while we were both on Skype. We did all the obvious new player stuff, made terrifying avatars and dressed horrendously. I remember once we flew a plane into a house and didn’t know how to get it out of the wall.

One day, he wasn’t home so I decided to log in and see what else there was to do. As I’m sure you remember, those first days exploring are the most amazing, I was shocked by the things I saw. I met some interesting people, and the rest, as they say is history.

I quickly figured out that I would either spend entirely too much money on this game, or I could start making stuff myself. Hence my first shop, which was pretty bad admittedly, Pixel Dust. But the creating bug bit me and I fell in love with the freedom I had to make whatever the heck I wanted. Once I started Tiny Bird, I was thoroughly addicted to SL.

Second Life has given me many things, amazing friends, wonderful opportunities to learn new things, and of course… a bigger butt. But I’ve found myself more and more feeling disconnected from it. I took a long break over the summer, and I’m still slowly finding my way back into working in Second Life full-time. I don’t see myself ‘playing’ second life much longer truthfully, I don’t look forward to logging in, and I don’t want to spend anywhere near the amount of hours that I should be working online actually being online.

I’m grateful to second life and I am spiteful of it at the same time. It makes me happy almost as much as it frustrates me to the point of tears. But I wouldn’t change my experiences, they’ve made me who I am.


Autumn Hykova is a ginger in both lives and learning to take control of her real life.


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