November 24th, 2010: Foxy Innis

This morning as I got up to the jangling of dog tags on Ollie’s collar, I groaned. It is hell day in my house. The day before my father’s whole family converges on our house.

Things are still a mess.

The vacuuming hasn’t been done, there is still my brother’s paintball stuff all over the place and there is so much to cook and get done before I go to sleep tonight. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write out the words for you all to give an insight into my life for this day.

The craziness of it all makes my head want to explode, but it makes me thankful for the friends and people in my second life. It makes me thankful for all that I have with people I may never meet in real life, but these people have just as much invested in me that I would have invested in my friends in real life.

Even though it’s not Thanksgiving, I am still thankful for the people in my first and second lives.

They may make things crazy, but without the craziness, how would we really know what normal is?



Foxy Innis is a Biology Education student in Missouri. She spends most of her time substitute teaching, going to school and knitting. In Second Life she is the chair of the Skin and Shape Expo and tries to make shapes and blog.


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