November 26th, 2010: Kelevra Radmussen


Morning is mañana in Spanish, matin in French.

One year ago I didn’t know this. One year ago I wasn’t in love. One year ago I wasn’t happy.

I wake up slowly today, nothing very important to do. I make breakfast (two-egg french omelet, one piece buttered toast) and I eat it slowly enjoying the warmth & simplicity of it while I look out the window at a cold and grey day. Egg in spanish is huevo. In French, oeuf.

I shower and dress, again taking my time. I Get on the computer, check email, blogs, etc. I walk to the post office and get the mail, I do this quickly, and by the time I get back I’m grateful for the warmth again. I watch the snow melt from my shoes. Snow is la nieve in Spanish, neige in French. With nothing to do I find myself thinking, thinking about who I was last year, where I was. I was a few days from drunkenly introducing myself to my future girlfriend. A few days from finally joining Second Life, at the urging of a certain friend. One year ago I didn’t know this. One year ago I wasn’t in love.

One year ago I wasn’t happy. Today, I am. I think about how I got here. I’ve grown and learned so much in that time that it feels much longer than it’s been.

I’ve learned more about cooking than I thought possible (I have the scars to show for it). I’ve started learning two new languages (and how to swear in them). I’ve learned how delicious a muffuletta can be when you’re eating it with a pretty girl. Pretty girl is chica bonita in Spanish, jolie fille in French. I’ve learned how to take my time and enjoy simple, good things. I’ve learned to be better organized.

I’ve met wonderful people, both in SL and in real life, and I’m a much better person for knowing them.

Taking the time to think about the past 365 days lets me appreciate how good they’ve been and I can’t help but to be optimistic for the next 365.

Year is año in Spanish, année in French.


Kelevra Radmussen works as a prep cook, where he learns how to swear in spanish and tries not to burn himself. In Second Life he is partnered with the high-powered business woman OMGWTF Barbecue.


3 Responses to “November 26th, 2010: Kelevra Radmussen”

  1. barb Says:

    i can’t wait until you’re a fancy chef and i’m a RL high-powered business woman. je t’adore.

  2. matt Says:

    je t’aime

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