December 2nd, 2010: Bacchus Ireto – Cont’d


Most people my age probably spend more time than they are willing to admit online.  My semester is over, and I have been enjoying sleeping in this week. About 8:30 I decided to face the day and grabbed my laptop to check email and play my Facebook games before I showered.

After breakfast I plugged back in, and signed on to Second Life to reply to some offline messages. Thirty minutes later my computer flashed a warning that I had 20 minutes of power left.  I double checked to make sure it was plugged in (it was) then to make sure I re-plugged it in to 5 different outlets.

Panic ensued.

My laptop battery had stopped charging.

I had been expecting this for a while.  I haven’t had a serious issue with my laptop in 18 months, but had been worrying about how wiggly the power input had become.  Long story short, my high end gaming laptop is in the shop until at least next Tuesday getting a part replaced.

I have an older laptop, but it can barely handle Second Life. Of course, that didn’t stop me from trying. I needed my fix. I log in. It took 5 minutes for the program to even start up, during which I contemplated a weekend without any worthwhile time online.

As I feared, I could barely move once I logged on, nothing was rendering, and more than 3 simultaneous IMs made the program freeze. My neighbor Dex came over to see my Christmas tree, as I had decorated the sims for Christmas yesterday, and when I told him I probably wouldn’t be online much this weekend because of my computer issues, he freaked out. Like me, he spends too much time online, and I spend too much time trying to talk him out of buying another new chair for his virtual house.

So after another frustrating 30 minutes talking in IM and telling people I couldn’t tp to see something as I would crash, I logged off,  and thought about what I was going to do this weekend.

I’ve heard about these things called books, I think I will see what that is all about.


Bacchus Ireto is 22 years old and a senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Go Vols!). When he is not redecorating his house or landscaping in Second Life he is the owner of Taliesin Farms Realty and Bacchitecture: Luxury Homes by Bacchus Ireto, and also manages and hosts at The Den on Hinterland.

Bacchus’ previous post was on September 21st, 2010.


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