December 3rd, 2010: Valencia Southard


On a normal day, I wake up and get ready for school, or work. My brother greets me as he heads off to work, and my sister offers my dogs a biscuit each, like she does every single morning. Before or after school/work, my daily routine is basically just to log onto SL, spend a couple of hours pondering over what to blog, then maybe work on some stuff for my shop. Overall, an acceptably ordinary life.

However, today isn’t really all that normal. At the time I’m writing this, I haven’t spoken to my mother for a week. I’ve never fought with her before; at least, not this badly. Usually, I keep my opinions inside me, but I felt that I just had to rebut her this time round. I don’t think I’m wrong, but I do know that my mother is the kind of woman that will never admit that she’s wrong, or will she ever be the first one to apologize and make up.

This would’ve been a special day… or at least a special day before a special day. I’d thought that there would be no tension in the house today, but it seems that whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. Have you ever seen a parent publicly do things to ruin a birthday? I didn’t make a big fuss out of it being a birthday, but I guess that my mother thought that it would be the perfect day to reinforce the fact that she believed that I had wronged her.

That aside, I’m glad to have friends and other family members that still support me. I’m thankful that they understood my situation at home and went out of their way to make this day the day it should be. I don’t think birthdays require that much of a fuss, but I do think that it should be a day where you should enjoy yourself. I’m forever grateful to those who made plans to make my December 4th the day it should be. You know who you are.


Valencia Southard was born in Sapporo, Japan, to a Japanese father and a Singaporean mother. She now stays and studies in Singapore at a local arts university. She writes a freebie blog in SL, known as, and runs a small pose shop called MARUKIN. She spends her time in SL finding freebies, buying hair, and hanging out with friends. In RL, she loves Japanese and Korean Pop music, and practises with her dance crew in her spare time.


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