December 4th, 2010: beladona Memorial

Who I am, from left to right:

1]  the one and only beladona Memorial 12.04.05 is the closest to being like the real me.

2] rhia 10.09.07, kajira, collared by Searaven Raymaker, beladona’s husband and partner

3] Ndlovukazi Noyes 10.15.07 was originally designed to spy, but became a playful kitten

4] bela Martian 10.10.08 is one of the evil Martian overlord’s minions

5] Mirabelle Mynx 02.08.10 —  because I like playing with the other kids

6] Sahar Soulstar 02.10.10, Free Woman of Gor and daughter to Lucius Toxx, Chief Physician

7] Bela Enchanted 11.17.10 was an accident and is still forming her identity


Today is busy.  In RL I am going away next week on vacation; I have to do laundry and think about what I want to pack.  In SL, beladona is working with the Perfect World Productions team getting ready for the last show of the season tomorrow and starting to winterize her home because it snowed in Nowhereville last night.  There are two meetings that beladona usually tries to attend as well — the RP meeting at Gianfar Peaks [Dragonriders of Pern] and the mer meeting at the Safe Waters Foundation.  In addition, rhia pops over and participates in the Roadside Philosophy discussion, Mira heads to Magicland for the holiday parade and Bela Enchanted indulges in some retail therapy.   Kazi, bela Martian and Sahar don’t get out much these days.

Time seems to pass so quickly in SL.  In RL, loads of laundry get done — but not folded.  The day evaporates around me; I turn around and it is night.  Searaven is traveling and no one is in Haven either — so I quietly log off and head to bed .


beladona Memorial is passionate about knowledge management and organizational development, virtual worlds and online communities, who immerses herself in science fiction, fantasy and DISNEY when not working.  A widow with two grown kids [who preceded her in world], she lives in Silver Spring, MD with her cat and books.  In the workaday world she is a Loan Servicing professional but plays the lottery in hopes of some day being able to stay home.


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