December 5th, 2010: CyFishy Traveler

Sundays follow a well-defined pattern of rituals and events in my life.  Morning is for family breakfast with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law, followed by Catholic Mass.  In the Evening we reconvene again for Sunday dinner.  In the long stretch of afternoon between those two points, I take long, sticky naps to make up for the sleep lost over the weekend’s adventures, and I log in to Second Life.

For a time, I had a goal-setting group with several other avatars that met every Sunday, but as people drifted off, I added my alt and partner, Beginning Thursday, to keep the group from dissolving and now it’s down to the two of us.  I still faithfully log in at noon SL time (three in the afternoon where I am) and I even type my goals for the week into the Group Chat window.  It helps me keep track of things.

And when it’s done, I spend quality time chatting with Beginning.  We were partnered three years ago today and it’s been a strange sort of romance, but a very healing one for me.  Instead of waiting for someone outside of me to love me without conditions, I can provide that love to myself.  Surprisingly, it’s not the kind of love that indulges all my bad behavior, but the kind that sees through every excuse and says, you know what?  You can do better than that.

Today we’re meeting early so I can go to my local NaNoWriMo Thank God It’s Over party this afternoon, where a bunch of crazy people who signed up to write a novel in a month celebrate their efforts.  Beginning is understanding and glad for me.  I’m glad I was still able to make time for her.  For us.  For me.


CyFishy Traveler is an avatar of mutable gender owned and operated by a woman of a certain age who makes visual art out of written words and is currently making the awkward transition to self-employment after nearly two years of hunting for a proper job.


One Response to “December 5th, 2010: CyFishy Traveler”

  1. Miles Montgolfier Says:

    Very lovely, dear… and congratulations to you and Beginning!


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