December 6th, 2010: Rach Borkotron – Cont’d

Today is December 6th. A snowy day. I do enjoy the snow — the fluffiness, the shininess, the way it glistens in the sun. Most people would say snow is hell, but it’s beautiful. It’s not the snow’s fault that it causes accidents and bad road conditions. Anyways… to my post!

Speaking of roads, today my phone rang around 11:30 a.m. and woke me up from a rather amazing sleep. It was Jane, a fellow nurse from work, calling to ask if I had looked outside or knew what the roads were like. I said, “No, I just woke up. Why?” She informed me that the highway I take to work was closed because of road conditions. I told her I would call her back once I’d checked it out. I jumped out of bed immediately and went online to check the Weather Network website and Ministry of Transportation websites — sure enough, the highway
forecast was poor to no visibility, icy, slushy and snow covered. I called Jane back and let her know that it was true, the road was awful going to work. She offered to work for me if I’d work another day for her. She lives down the street from the nursing home and can walk to work. So it all worked out in the end!

I had missed work yesterday because of the weather. Now I was home alone again, on a snowy day with nothing to do and nowhere to go… what is a girl to do? I made tea, logged into SL, went on a tour of the new Bill and Elliott (Amazing!). I had a discussion with a friend about good shoes to wear when you are on your feet for hours on end. I then went home to my building platform and started to build random items to blow up – Apatia and Allegory have me hooked. I logged off SL after being on for hours.

I went upstairs and looked out the window at the beautiful snow, watched it blow around and through the trees. Snow is beautiful and peaceful. I like the snow. I’m glad winter is here.


Rach Borkotron is still 25, still from southwestern Ontario, Canada, and still a nurse in RL. In SL she still co –owns Mr Tentacle with Mako Kungfu, is still a DJ and still hosts Name That Tune. The only new thing with Rach is she loves to blow Starlust up, build new things and blow them up too, all while listening to Neil Diamond and Billy Joel.

Rach’s previous post was on November 29th, 2010.


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