December 7th, 2010: Rowan Derryth

Photo by PJ Trenton

Today I was supposed to go to my Embassy because, in handling my visa extension application, my University has ‘mislaid’ my passport. Thus I thought this post would be some epic tale of identity, citizenship, space, and time. But instead, this lovely land, my new home, has come to a halt because of snow, and I’ve been watching the world go by on my cozy little street through the large frosty panes of my bay window.

And so I am dedicating my day to my virtual life, proofing articles for the wonderful SL magazines I work for, and turning one of my own ‘Ekphrasis’ articles into a documentary. As I correct small typos, tweak grammar, and adjust audio files, I contemplate how, one year ago, motivated by curiosity and boredom, I created an avatar to see what the SL art and academic scenes were like.

You see, today is my first rezday.

My first night didn’t disappoint, and in fact, I’m told I got VERY lucky. I don’t disagree. My first stop was the Dresden Gallery, where I met my first friend, a charming and creative chap who would, later, show me the delights of ballroom dancing. But as well that night, I went to explore Cetus, and made a new friend, a talented artist who, it must be said, put me on the path that shaped my Second Life. Through him, I was introduced to the amazing arts community of Avalon where I now make my virtual home, and to people who would become dear friends: inspiring, encouraging and supporting me, and in one case in particular, generally rocking my world.

Tonight I will celebrate with these friends. I think a trip back to Dresden is in order, and maybe a dance. Cetus is no longer, but I hope to see my artist friend in the neighborhood. And I will smile with wonder and delight should there be a surprise celebration – I’ve had enough hints – and it will be genuine. For the incredible journey of the past year was something I could have never predicted, and something for which I am more deeply grateful than I can possibly express.


Rowan Derryth lives a scintillating physical reality as an ex-pat American in the UK; under the guise of a passionate art historian in the death throes of her PhD. In her virtual existence she is a writer for Prim Perfect Magazine, and has a regular column on their blog called ‘Ekphrasis‘ which profiles virtual artists and their work. She is also on the Board of Virtual Museums, Inc.; lectures regularly on art, fashion, and design history; and shows her growing private art collection at her Avalon gallery RoHaus. As of today, she is no longer a noob, and it has been suggested she never was. Except when she flies.


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