December 8th, 2010: Autumn Hykova – Cont’d

What makes you stay in second life? What draws you back day after day, logging into the game instead of going out in real life. For me, there are several reasons, and depending on who I’m talking to the answer is different. If I were talking to real life friends or family I’d say the creativity, being able to create and make new things entirely from my own imagination. Not to mention make money from it and use the ‘play money’ in real life for things I wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. Being able to create and explore new opportunities is something I’m so grateful for.

There are also so many great learning experiences. I literally didn’t know a thing about photoshop prior to second life. I didn’t know how to make an alpha, I didn’t know how to make layers… heck I didn’t know how to open a new document. I learned about texturing and sculpting and all kinds of things.

The people I’ve met have been a huge draw too, without some of my friends I NEVER would have tried maya, which is the program I use most, together with Photoshop. The people I’ve met from around the world have opened my eyes to all kinds of new experiences, I have definitely learned a lot more about different cultures through second life. Getting close with people who I never would have met otherwise is something I will cherish forever, those real life connections I’ve made with ‘internet people’ as my mother calls them. I know I’ll be friends with some of you forever, or I hope to be anyway.

But, if I’m completely honest, probably the biggest reason I stay in second life is… I miss playing barbie dolls. Yep, it’s true. I’m an adult lady who likes to play on the internet with my paper fashion doll.

I like to dress her up and walk her around and interact with other dolls who are also being operated by grown up ladies who miss their barbie dolls. So thank you Second Life, for letting this girl be a kid again.


Autumn Hykova is a grown up girl who likes playing with dolls, she makes hair and other stuff for internet dolls for her shop Tiny Bird

Autumn’ previous post was on November 23rd, 2010.


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