December 9th, 2010: Rosalie Tenenbaum

My Thursday morning is one of the few mornings I look forward to in the week. For a young adult working three jobs which all revolve around the care of other people (whether disabled or young), sleeping in is like a godsend. On Thursdays, I normally wake up around 10am to a very affectionate Siamese kitten I fondly call Emma, though today my wakeup call was at 10:45. It wasn’t a kitty-lovins’ wakeup call either. This was an actual phonecall.

It was my father. What was he calling about now? Oh, my bank called him. They never got the paycheck I deposited on the 3rd. They didn’t even have the envelope I’d so delicately put the paycheck into.

“You’ll need to go see Carol,” he said in a stern voice, or at least my tired ears had heard the voice as stern. “You’ll need to ask her if the check went through and if she can get you a copy of the check or to stop payment and give you a new check if it didn’t.”

“I’ll see her tomorrow,” I said as I looked down at my animal covered bed. I really didn’t want to leave them right now, not to mention get ready for my day.

My dad sighed that sigh, the one where you know he disagrees with your decision but knows he can’t control you – yeah that sigh. “You should really go in today.”

I did the next best thing – said goodbye to my dad and dialed into work. Carol is my work’s financial manager as well as my mother’s best friend. I sometimes call her Aunt Carol because she’s such a cordial, but familiar person to me. I was almost immediately connected to Carol. She said my check had cleared – which made me slightly uneasy to know my check cleared and I never got the benefits of it – but that she needed to call Wells Fargo for a copy.

So much of me wishes I could say it was all handled this morning, but it wasn’t. I am still without my money and now, I feel rotten about banks in general. All before noon.


Rosalie Tenenbaum is a 22 year old Californian who often goes by Jessie or Jessica. She is currently in school to be a preschool teacher while working daycare at a gym, babysitting twins, and caring for a disabled adult.


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