December 10th, 2010: Rosewhitefox Jupiter

So I should feel really badly, but I don’t.

I needed a holiday tree. I only socially celebrate Christmas but I really like the lights and decor in the dreariness that is Minnesota Winter.

For days I planned to stop at a lot that was on my way home. After a quick run through the local coffee place for my standard soy latte, I did.

I got to the lot and there were some good looking trees, but the bonus was that the boys were better looking. I milled around looking for something not too big but not too tiny. I have 11 foot ceilings so large is totally an option, but I don’t want to have to climb to decorate.

I batted by eyelashes and attempted to bargain down the $40-90 trees, but the cutie boys just weren’t having it. I don’t know if they were gay or under orders, but I’m hot, so there is no way they could have really resisted my feminine wiles. I was getting bored so I decided to not shop local and head to the nearest Home Depot.

Seems everyone and their uncle’s dog had the same thing in mind; not to mention the impending snow storm that was being predicted. Upwards of two feet was coming and EVERYONE wanted their tree.

The Home Depot Employee was outnumbered and woefully inadequate at his job of using an electrical hacksaw to make a fresh cut on trees and bag them in recyclable netting before asking if one needed help tying their tree to their vehicle.

I went about my task of finding a tree. Under $18 for an eight foot tree! Sold! I found a great Scotch Pine that smelled like a dream. I impulse purchased real mistletoe, paid for my goods. When the boy asked me if I needed help, I mustered my best farmgirl gumption and said, “Nah, I’ve got this.”

I grabbed my tree after loading my coat pocket with the mistletoe and made my way to the car where I stuffed it in the trunk and tied the trunk down to make my way home among the masses. The snow started shortly after I got home. Now I sit watching the 16 plus inches continue to fall outside of the window where my holiday tree with blue lights shines out into the dreary Winter night.


Rosewhitefox Jupiter is really Tasha-Rose, a knitting nerd and admitted SL addict. At the publishing of this two three six five she is busy digging out of two feet of snow at her home in the city where the Metrodome caved in. She doesn’t go any place without her Blackberry, Camera and iPod. Her three kiddos are 8,5 and 2 and two of them even have their own versions of SL that they like to play. The apple doesn’t fall far does it!? In SL, Rose has been there done that and is now living a quiet existence with her partner, Tommie Deed. Rose loves fashion and being silly and can often be found dancing at the silliest contests she can find.


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