December 14th, 2010: Syngen Sohmers – Cont’d

I am a retail widow.  I both hate and love this time of year.  I love the whole “holiday spirit” that seems to pervade everything.  Being charitable, finding gifts for people you love and care for, coming together with friends and family to chase away the winter blues.  I love that this time of year perks up the economy, and we can afford to do a few nice things for each other when the days get short and the nights are long.

I do not love that because of the holiday retail season, my husband has to work 14 hours a day, seven days a week. (Okay 10 hours on Sunday)  We take the Thanksgiving holiday together, and enjoy it as though it’s the last day we’re going to spend together.  Because it is.  For a very long time.  He doesn’t usually roll his hours back until after the first week in January.

He owns his business, which means he has to work harder than a regular employee and he has a great deal more on the line.  With the slumped economy, we’ve come to depend on this time of year to make payoffs in larger debts we may have accumulated throughout the year, both at home and in the business.  And all of it centered around a holiday that we don’t actually celebrate.

So I don’t get to see him much.  Which I suppose means that my SL friends see me more.  Which is good.  I’m lucky to have a great support network of friends who have pretty consistently understood that this time of year, I’m kind of down.  I’m a little lonely.  And they’re usually pretty glad to perk me up with a joke, or a goofy youtube link, or lolcats pictures.  Or in some cases trolling craigslist to laugh at the personals.

So that being said.  Get out there, get shopping, help the economy, and support my status as a retail widow.  I’m going to watch George Watsky videos.


Syngen Sohmers is the owner and designer for Sakinah, a Middle Eastern fashion line for both the historical and the halal. She can’t always be found in world, because she hides like a recluse in her workshop to build. IMs always seem to find her, even when she doesn’t want them to. Her Typist is equally reclusive, a writer, living in the Southeastern US with her husband and a 16 pound cat.

Syngen’s previous post was on June 14th, 2010.


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