December 16th, 2010: Shelly Toonie – Cont’d

I’ve decided to let y’all in on a little secret. You and me, we’re close. I feel this is something you need to know..

There’s not really a virtual world and a real world. There’s no “first” or “second” life.
There’s really just the one.

Let me explain; you’ll agree.

In the year 2010, I spent less time in Second Life than I have in any year since 2005. People change and circumstances change and sometimes you really just need a change, and so it was that time for me.

I do feel out of touch a lot of the time, though with plurk and some of my Second Life friends, I keep one toe in that world all the time. Today was no different.

This morning, I logged in to SL and plurk before work and talked about support I was gathering for a single mom with no Christmas for her daughters. Now, let me say right here and now that I never expected anything other than a few (cozy)’s. That’s what we do on plurk, right? We express frustrations, get feedback, commiserate.
Not so today. Today when I opened my “real life” up to my “virtual” friends, I was reminded that we are only limited by the boundaries WE create. Several of my plurk/SL friends sent donations immediately to help this family. They sent them by paypal; they sent them by L$.

There are quite a few people helping out in my “first life” too. A couple of these people are old friends from high school, others are parents of my daughter’s friends. I’m one of those incredibly lucky people that picks up amazing people all through life in all sorts of places and times and once I find them, I put a little “This Belongs to Michelle” tag on them and keep them.

As the day draws to a close, I’m amazed by my friends that have offered to play Santa for a single mother and her two daughters. Notice there’s no qualifier there? That’s because my friends came from one world, the world that exists in my heart. That’s where you draw your boundaries from, within yourself.

Me? I refuse to be limited.

Happy Holidays to you all.



Shelly Toonie, owner of Moonshine Designs in Second Life,  is the virtual representative for Michelle. Michelle is a caffeine addicted, mostly introverted, often sarcastic, quiet troublemaker, happily embracing my redneckedness in central North Carolina.


2 Responses to “December 16th, 2010: Shelly Toonie – Cont’d”

  1. Teena Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Lovely post (cozy)

  2. Starfire "Star" Silverstar Says:

    As I sit here in my FL house with my SL partner I certainly could not agree with you more!! There is but ONE life here…OURS! <3 <3 <3
    I love sharing it with all of my friends from all over!! Big hugz to you and wonderful that you were able to help a family with their holiday!!! WOOT!!!
    (cozy) (girlkiss) (rock)
    / / /

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