December 17th, 2010: Sesi Ackland – Cont’d

Not long after my original two three six five May 27th, 2010 I made the decision to go back to school. I had toyed with the idea of returning for my Criminal Justice Psychology for quite some time but my plans were put on hold for several years due to health problems. Last spring it became clear and I enrolled for fall classes.

The days before school started, I spent long hours in Second Life the few days before school started to stockpile some inventory for my hubby and I’s store, Little Boxes. I knew I’d be overwhelmed by school soon but I wasn’t ready to give up what Winston and I had accomplished in SL.  I figured I could be ahead of the game and our store wouldn’t be affected.

Finally the first day of school arrived and by day’s end I felt as if I’d been knocked over. I was left sitting on the floor surrounded by books, folders and papers, crying. My husband did the best he could to encourage me, I nodded and squeezed out a smile but truly felt within a week I’d be crying “Uncle!” and reworking my schedule. While exhausted and completely drained at night, I managed the first week. I imagined I would have had a little time for Second Life but I was quickly proven wrong but I survived the second week. Eventually I was studying for midterms, writing papers and scheduling releases and events for the holiday rush in Second Life. I don’t remember when I was able to regain focus on Little Boxes again but somewhere along the way I figured it out.

Today is the first full day I’ve had no school, finals are done and my books are packed to take back to school. I imagined these first days out of school to be full of building, I’d be knee-deep in sculpties, textures and vendors but instead I’ve spent time sitting on my building platform completely unfocused and doing absolutely nothing. The chaos of balancing school and Little Boxes has become the norm, my new reality and I believe that is how I’ll spend much of 2011.


Sesi Ackland is 39, she lives in Chicago with her RL and SL husband, Winston Ackland. Since her last Two Three Six Five Post, Sesi has become a full-time student in the demanding Criminal Justice Psychology Program. When Sesi does find free time from studying and building for her Second Life store, Little Boxes, she can be found watching Dexter or Cold Case Files, which is really just more homework.


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