December 18th, 2010: Express Zenovka

Every morning, I groggily make my way to my laptop and open up two browsers. I have over twenty Google accounts, four for WordPress, four Plurk, four Twitter, two Facebook, two Tumblr. I’m probably forgetting some more. Usually there’s one account for real life and another account for Second Life, but sometimes there’s more for both. More browsers makes it easier to check them all.

My life is divided among my browsers.

We Second Life residents often hear “real life always comes first.” It’s a mantra of sorts, a reminder to ourselves and others of how we should order our priorities and commitments.

At some point over these last three years, I decided it was easier to have Express’ accounts in Safari and move my personal accounts to Firefox. I check both in the morning and both again at night, but Safari is my default browser. It gets used all day long, and I can check up on things while I use it.

At some point, I subconsciously chose my Second Life over my real one.

Sure, Safari runs faster than Firefox, and Express has more people to keep track of and more emails to check. But I was the one who chose making new friends online over maintaining my existing friendships in real life. I was the one who chose to devote three years to work that’ll never be associated with the real me.

I was the one who chose to divide my life.


Today, like any other day, I groggily made made my way to my laptop and opened up two browsers. I checked email, Plurk, Twitter, and the feeds before heading off to work. Half the office was out, so I took a
half day and started my two week vacation by driving the scenic way home. It’s rare to leave the office when the sun is out, especially at this time of year. When I got home, I opened all six browsers. Then I deleted all my cookies and logged into all my common sites again.

Real Life in my primary browser. Second Life in a secondary browser.

“Real life always comes first.” Nah, scratch that. Just “Real life.”


Express Zenovka is a software developer who works for a rather popular web site. He’s been a resident of Second Life for 3.5 years, during which time he has tried a wide variety of virtual professions including (but not limited to) fashion blogger, magazine writer, pro surfer, and model. Currently, he keeps himself busy prodding the server for and making sure Luna Jubilee doesn’t get into too much trouble, documenting his efforts at



One Response to “December 18th, 2010: Express Zenovka”

  1. Eve Petlyakov Says:

    I admire your honesty Express. I’m glad to be your friend. <3

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