December 19th, 2010: Janaina Delvalle

It’s 6:30am on a Sunday.  Why am I up?

When I first signed up for an entry, I imagined all the things I’d be writing on this day.  Now that it’s finally here…I can’t wait to leave.

Today’s destination: Croatia.  I’ve been waiting for today for some 7 or 8 months.  I thought it would be filled with anxiety of finally getting to be with Sho.  Actually, I’m more anxious that I’ll actually get there on time.  I’m praying that Mother Nature will let up, and that Customs will be kind to me.  Right.  I know.  My mantra this weekend should be: “Everything will be fine…everything will be fine.”

When I take enough time to stop worrying and focusing on the next few weeks, I’m left with: “Finally!”  I’m not nervous in the least.  We’ve grown together a lot in this time and have been through our own share of trials. I remember spending time at my friends’ new home.  Three couples in the room all cuddled up, while my friend and I looked at each other through giggles.  But I was aching inside.  Couples take for granted every day the small things.  Holding hands.  A hug.  Looking at each other.  Small gestures of reconciliation after an argument.  Actually eating a meal together.  The scent on his clothes.  I can’t wait for those simple things that are often overlooked.

I talked to one of my best friends last night who is thinking of moving across the country.  I told her to do it.  I told her to follow her heart and live the life she wants now…not later. Me and my crazy choices are taking me on a plane right into the arms of the man I love.  I so happened to meet him on SL (though I swore I’d never do such a thing).  It’s the real beginning of a long journey, but it’s worth it… … even with all the stress.

Here’s to the next 24 hours.  May they go as smooth as possible.

I hope all who are traveling this season make it safely to their final destination.


Janaina Delvalle spends her time in SL procrastinating.  She’s been a part of SL photography, primarily doing it for fun or through various SL magazines.  She also runs a small pose store with Sho Kenin.

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