December 20th, 2010: jemima Clowes – Cont’d

A lot has changed since April, when I wrote my first post, in both lives. I am proud to say that I think I am on my way to having my life sorted, both of them. Really I could sit here and say it’s because I pulled my act together myself. But that would be a lie.

I had a lot of help from two people. One I know in 1st life, he plays SL with me. He still keeps my head on my shoulders and is there for me whenever I am down, Heartless is my rock. It’s been that way for almost 11 years now, and I hope to god even after all the trouble and pain I have caused in both our lives, the good times will outweigh the bad and we will survive.

The second person I only know in SL. No that’s not true. I know her in first life as well. I have only met her in second life. But neither life would be complete without her. My Kat has helped me realize I am worth more than I ever thought. That even when I am having the worst day possible I can vent, bitch whine and moan and she will listen and offer any advice she can to help me. She shares her life stories with me and makes me spit coffee on my screen daily. She has helped me grow as a person, a mom, and an artist

So when asked if I separate RL and SL…. My answer is nope, not one bit. I can distance myself from how much people know about me in SL, but it is very much an extension of my RL now. Something I can’t imagine changing.

So now, I go back to building the last 5 advent gifts for my store and then go finish the craziness of the Holiday season in real life.

Happy Holidays!


Jemima Clowes or Jemmie to her friends is still a stay at home mom and wife, still looking for a real life job. She can usually be found playing trains and barbies in real life or dancing around to silly kids song with her three little ones. In SL Jemmie  is the Assistant to Kat Alderson, Owner and creator of [TUFT] and can be found being a hermit on her platform seeing what silly stuff she can create next, while stuck in mass amounts of IM’s with her wonderful friends. (and she wouldn’t change any of it)


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