December 22nd, 2010: Grazia Horwitz – Cont’d

I’ll be home for Christmas is today’s theme song. Or rather… Will he be home for Christmas? I’m insanely busy today preparing stuff for Christmas Eve supper with my parents, sister and her boy friend, but because of the bad weather conditions, it’s all but sure that my partner, who is in Germany right now, will be able to make it home in time.  I must admit, I rather see him safe in our little home there than facing 500+ kilometers of icy roads, but dang… Christmas will just not be the same without him.

While I stir the chicken stock that eventually will become my family’s favorite soup and have the spicy pears simmering in the divine smelling mixture of port and cinnamon and a couple of other, secret, ingredients, I check the traffic and weather reports online and it’s not looking good.

I put the last decorations in the tree, something that we usually do together, and I realize that he’s not going to see our tree before Christmas is over this year. After all, on Christmas day, well be going back to Germany together for a small vacation. Or, if it’s really going to be impossible to make it home on Christmas Eve, I’ll be taking a train to join him there.

By the time I’m done for the say, it’s become clear that my SO will try to go directly to my parents on Friday, if the weather will let him. Right now there is an inch thick layer of ice on the car, and even more of it on the roads. Not. Safe! But some time tomorrow it should start to snow again, which, oddly enough, should improve traveling conditions. I curl up in our bed and turn off the lights. Well see. He’ll be home for christmas, if only in my dreams.


Grazia Horwitz‘s partner eventually arrived just in time for the main course on Christmas Eve and right now they are back in their home in Saxony Anhalt where it’s an internetless winter wonderland. They both wish you a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.


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