December 23rd, 2010: Foxy Innis – Cont’d

What a way to spend the holidays.  Here I am in Paradise, literally, and I have no car, no way to get around unless I want to take The Bus.  My auntie came and stole my mom away to go get mani-pedis and I’m left with my dad and Grandpa.  I love my grandpa.  I only get to see him once in a great while.  He will be 90 this next year and is pretty spry for an old man.

This holiday has been hard for him because it marks 23 months that my grandma has been gone from our family.  It is just weird being in Hawaii with her not here.  There is no one to lock the door when we first get in the car so we don’t get carjacked.  No one to get us lost in downtown Honolulu and its only another block to the bus stop even after we’ve walked almost 20 blocks.  It just makes the holidays hard, but it is way better then having my grandfather be alone for the holidays.

With my mom gone it is my job to make lunch for my grandpa.  I guess being 89 gives you the right to be a picky eater.  There was only two thing Grandpa’s wanted since we’ve been here and that is beef stew and sardines and noodles.  I know it sounds gross, but its one of those family soul food kind of things that when you eat it, it makes you feel like you’re home no matter if you’re in Missouri or in Hawaii.  As I’m cooking my grandpa always seems to forget I know how to cook.  He seems genuinely shocked when I give him his lunch first.  We always make another variation of noodles with tuna for those of us who don’t eat sardines.  And while my grandpa is a man of few words, just to hear him say, “Mmmmm, Good,” at the end of a meal is worth it to stand the stink of sardines.


Foxy Innis is a perpetual student still trying to find her way in life.  She is spending the Holidays in Hawaii this year with her family.


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