December 24th, 2010: Sunshine Zhangsun – Cont’d

Happy Christmas Eve!

My Christmas Eve started with a startling surprise…I was awakened around 5am by an undeterminable noise…or at least in my sleep it was!   Work was calling…which means a problem!  Forty-five minutes later, hung up the phone, frustratingly composed an email regarding the call, fell back to sleep, and proceeded to sleep through my alarm 2 hours later, ugh!  Now my day was totally off-kilter…but I managed to get up and start my workday remotely answering emails.  Logged in to SL to capture a few offlines and look at our beautiful sims, reviewed Plurk, email accounts and then got ready to head in to the office.

Work was work, and not as bad as it could have been with the latest technical issues.  Left work around 4pm and had to run non-Christmas related errands before heading home.  Once home, ate a late lunch/early dinner as I had not eaten all day. Picked up my laptop, checked in with Plurk, and logged in to SL.

As I rezzed into SL, I once again fell in love with our arctic mountain and surf sims.  A recent change from a beautiful tropical environment to the equal beauty of ice and snow has been refreshing!  It was a very needed change in my virtual life.  I live a fairly quiet SL, and have a few very close friends that I cherish greatly.  I’m blessed to have what I have with my partner of 20 months and we are thankful that we can share our virtual world with others.  We welcome all to visit our sims, surf with the orcas and the ice, and explore the world we have created.

As the holiday quickly arrives and the New Year slams toward us…just a few words…

Support your friends, love and cherish those close to you and let them know daily how important they are to you.

Enjoy the life you have…strive to achieve your dreams, but don’t rush yourself as each day can be a blessing and a lesson (sometimes we just have to look a little harder to find it).

Have the happiest of holidays, and let 2011 float in with fun, laughter and love.


Sunshine Zhangsun still enjoys Second Life, recently recreating the Sol Mañanero sims into a beautiful arctic winter playground with her partner.  She has spent the last 2 months building more, learning more and trying more related activities while creating this environment.  The estate now offers an exciting arctic surf experience for all and the home sim provides skating and sledding too!  Sunshine still tries to find time to explore, take photos, shop a lot, and still writes the occasional blog, Sol Existence.



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