December 28th, 2010: Auguste Finistair


Today I look back on a year up great triumphs; great falls; great happinesses; and great seasons of weeping.

I look back today because it’s my father’s birthday–the 28th of December. I look back today because of all the things I’ve been through and forward because of all the things I’ve yet to experience. (Blame it on my Epicurean bend.)

After staying up until 6 AM and spending hours contemplating my place in this world as I lie in my bed, I wake up to a Televangelist jabbering on in the living room, just outside my bedroom door, at a fitful 1:31 PM. A rather late start for most, but my life isn’t like most. It will consist of my avatar sitting in the same black ‘Andrew Chair’ in the same corner of my SL home as she does every day while I go ‘away from keyboard’ for a few hours at a time to take care of my mother and, for the next few months at least, my grandmother.

Once Gram lays down to sleep for the evening (usually rather early considering the sun is setting at 6 PM nowadays) and Mom goes into her room to lock the door for the last time, I get a breath of relaxation as I am allowed to finally devote some time to me. This is my time to work on projects that need doing or fun that needs having. This is when you’ll find me exploring the Grid, mucking about in GIMP, snapping pictures, making people laugh until they wet themselves by acting like a dork on voice, or role-playing in and out of SL with my good friends.

I would go outside once in a while, too, but it’s currently too cold, a biting cold at that. That’s ok, though; I have plenty of new toys to read manuals for–most of which came from my father only a couple of days ago when my families celebrated our two separate Christmases.

I suppose for now, I’ll just occupy my time with my usual activities until Proserpina returns from the Underworld to the realm of the living; and like the new Spring’s earth I, too, will be renewed.


Auguste Finistair is 20 year old kid who lives just south of the place you point to when you randomly place your finger in the middle of a United States map; just north of the Lone Stars, in the buckle of the Bible Belt. She’s a Latin scholar, a stream-of-consciousness philosopher, and an amateur politician as well as a SecondLife clothing designer, custom avatar creator, personal and professional shopper, and event coordinator.



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