December 29th, 2010: Kesseret Steeplechase

My average day consists of waking up, heading to work, settling in while adding people to my feed and doing standard server maintenance for the websites. Today is a lot different for me.

I wake up and head to the hospital to check on my Mom. I have to get there before the doctors do in order to get the information correct and relay it to my 4 siblings. The Monday before Christmas Mom was rushed to the hospital with a low white blood cell count and caught her pneumonia again. This stops her chemo and radiation treatment in its tracks and stops my family’s world while we work to get her better.

Every half hour we do breathing treatments and I spend that time meditating on sending my Mom healing vibes. I am not a praying person but I mentally talk to her own Mother, my grandmother, and her best friend who have both passed on. I tell them that maybe I am being selfish but Mom needs to stay here so they can start putting in favor with whatever deity exists please. My Mom taught me basic lessons in life that I carry with me and she made me the person I am today.

While she naps I open up my phone and there’s either a plurk, email or text from someone in Second Life sending me ‘pornbot love’ or ‘ How’s you?’ or a small message of love or letting me know they miss me. These people all have touched my life in a way that is unable to be measured and I am incredibly grateful. Without them I doubt I could have done any of the things I do in Second Life and half the things I deal with in my real life.  Second Life has given me friends that I’d have never met otherwise in my day to day activity.

As I drift off to sleep I am forever grateful for my family – both in world and out of world.

Thank you all.


Kesseret Steeplechase is a porn bot that hails from Virginia in the United States. By day she’s a non-fashionable computer geek for wages and by night she runs the SCD Site Network, her inworld store Miao and either watches too much Food Network or plays Rock Band. Picture caption: Mom and Dad on their first date.




One Response to “December 29th, 2010: Kesseret Steeplechase”

  1. Elle Couerblanc Says:

    I <3 you Kess and I am also sending your mom healing vibes. Hugs!

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