January 1st, 2011: Kerryth Tarantal

Waking up. Daylight when I open my eyes.What’s wrong? Oh. Saturday. Sleep. Yes, I needed that. There was another night, so late, putting in a full day after my full day.

It is hard on the body trying to live an additional extra life in a virtual world. Lack of exercise, lack of sleep, lack of time, loss of interest in some of the (non-essential) chores of the real world: It is all arguably ‘not good,’ though I would contend that the ‘not good’ is purely health-related and in no sense a moral failing, in and of itself (independent of one’s moral and personal choices in the virtual environment).

Therefore, a second life is worthy of careful effort to maintain balance, but it is not – again, in and of itself – worthy of judgment or guilt. Or else how should we, who live in both universes, judge those who are so small of imagination and intellect that they can tolerate or manage only one? (And that not very well).

I am lucky. At this time of my life I have the freedom to make this choice. The only ‘real life’ thing I seemt to be sacrificing is health, and yes, I should do better. But this is worth it this adventure, this life not again but anew, as someone wise wrote not long ago. That is why, after a few hours’ precious sleep, I wake not exhausted but eager for the hard work, the dream, the richness.
And yet, after nearly three years, I still cannot explain to any but the people closest to me (who can’t avoid noticing) just what it is that takes up so much of my time, how I take flight into my other world, where

I am healthy and beautiful and can fly and dance. The most I will say is that I have a small design business online, and that I have learned a lot and met smart, delightful, creative people. These days they no longer look so blank. They nod. They they think they know what I mean. “I’ll look you up,” they say.  I smile.

Now, snow or no snow, I am going for a walk. Outside.


Kerryth Tarantal’s keyboard woman is a civil servant, three-time cancer survivor and married mother of two grown up children, living in a northern climate. She makes wild costumes for fun and enjoys singing karaoke and Renaissance polyphony, no kidding. She came to Second Life with a small refugee group from Myst Online and takes daily delight in the adventure. While Kerryth has much in common with her creator, she is younger and much better looking and has demonstrated the ability to fly, kick butt and run up five flights of stairs. Her sense of humor will be her undoing, one of these days.


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