January 3rd, 2011: Joonie Jatho

Usually, I log into Second Life right after my first cup of coffee. This morning, being the Monday after the New Year’s Eve holiday, I knew most of my friends had returned to work, so I wasn’t in a big hurry to log in. Besides, I had a huge job ahead of me, one I had been putting off for far too long. What better time to dive into my 50k inventory than a new year?

Not really being in the mood for that, I decided to walk my Chow/Border Collie mix pup, Molly. It was a gorgeous day outside. As we walked, I wondered what would be the best way to organize my inventory. So much was in there after 4 years of retail therapy! I remembered then that I had a Chow doggie in there somewhere. Glancing down at Molly, I wondered how she would feel if she knew I had tried to duplicate her in a virtual way.

Back home, after taking off all the layers of clothing I had worn to keep warm – tshirt, long-sleeved tank, hoodie, fleece jacket, gloves, hat – I plopped down at my lappy and logged into SL. I rezzed the same place I always do, in my skybox. I then tp’d down to my home. This has been my ritual since forever ago. I spend very little time in my skybox, and yet I always log in there. Rituals are an important part of any life.

Once on the ground, I clicked the Inventory button and just stared for a bit at the entirety of my existence there. Contained within each folder were all the decisions I had ever made. No, not just the clothing, although that is massive. I am the consummate consumer. But also all the note cards ever written to friends, the decision to try this or that “identity” and all the accoutrements that accompanied those decisions. Silly things, serious things, sexy things. LMs to bright, shiny places and to dark, foreboding ones.  Objects that have memories attached to them that are now outdated, but irreplaceable.

At that point, I did what I knew I had to do. I closed that Inventory window….and went shopping.


Joonie Jatho is the avatar name of someone whose RL name shall remain a secret except to those she has come to trust. She rezzed on October 18, 2006. She has a degree in Fine Art and loves taking photos in Second Life, exploring, fashion and writing on her blog, Joonie’s Journal. She’s also involved with the Live Music scene in SL and has worked for Relay For Life in memory of her Mom.




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