January 5th, 2011: dirty Adored

Today was only the second day back since the Christmas break. I start early-ish, about 8am and it’s a long drive in. I work in an industry where everyone takes themselves far too seriously and sometimes it rubs off, mostly it just makes me more cynical (because I need more cynical, I’m low on it) and very eye-rolly. I’ve only been back 2 days and already I’m filled with meh.

I spend the morning mixing chemicals, I love the chemistry part of my job, but I spill ammonia and will spend the rest of the day smelling like pee, oh joy.

I hear about SL from filthy on my lunch-break, he’s going shopping and I am jealous, and catch up a bit with plurk. Tymmerie has posted a link to a blog post ‘It is not a race‘ on SasyPants, It makes interesting reading and helps me consolidate my feelings. I am sort of a hobby shop owner, with money making leanings. We have done a few events and hunts and although they increase traffic, they also increase stress. I don’t like hunts, but I do like doing fairs and that sort of thing because you actually end up meeting people and making money. I don’t think I’ll do anymore hunts.

All afternoon we listen to Woodie and Arlo Guthrie, and I’m in a sort of an ‘Alice’s Restaurant Massacree’ sort of mood driving home, even though the pee-smell is filling the car.

I get in and make dinner and shower. Finally I’m free of the pee-smell, but I had to leave my boots outside, which means they will get dragged down the street by foxes.

I open my laptop and then Photoshop and settle down some drawing. I might even make something for SL. I am thinking a little differently about making things; it shouldn’t be a pressure. I’m not in race.


dirty Adored is the latest in a long line of alts, she is co-owner of Bottle Bird along with filthy Adored. She is not his alt. RL: I am in the UK and have far too much time on my hands. You know the weird thing? I always tried to play a part in SL, always end up being more me than anyone else.


One Response to “January 5th, 2011: dirty Adored”

  1. Sasy Scarborough Says:

    hugs, and thank you for sharing, I hope that my post really did help.


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