January 6th, 2011: Eve Petlyakov

A few days ago I celebrated my third rezzday in Second Life. THIRD! In that time I’ve managed to harness my artistic side, get out of a relationship so awful my father gave me a high five before giving me a condolence hug, and meeting a few people that are beyond precious to me.

In my first life I spend my time working in a hospital with children. It’s often high stress, sometimes heartbreaking, and always rewarding. I go to the gym, take long walks around the lake, and cozy up in coffee shops with a good book, watching tourists make their way through Pikes Place Market as the music from  nearby buskers wafts in with the smells of flowers, fruit, and fresh fish. I have a blissfully nuclear family and insanely quirky friends. I volunteer my time to do things like fit bicycle helmets on children in low income neighborhoods and spend an hour each day playing the piano.

In my second life I’m primarily the assistant and progeny of an insanely talented jack of most Second Life trades. He supports me, is incredibly patient, and trusts me without question. From him I learned to build, manipulate images, run a business, and conduct myself in a relatively quiet and unobtrusive way as I got things accomplished. His lessons are things I bring into my everyday life and I am so grateful as they have helped me become a better leader.

My friends in-world are just as quirky as my normal ones. With them I get to explore, create, play, blog, teach, act, write and read poetry, go to live shows, even roleplay with Vikings! Despite all the fun I have also had my share of what I thought was love and what I was certain was heartbreak. Poignant meme about Normal People + Anonymity + The Internet = Asshole is poignant.

Through it all I’ve managed to come out optimistic, happy, and loved. Three years…it began much the same way I started my original rezzday. Slept in a bit, puttered around, cleaned, and got ready for work. For the third time I’ll be ringing in the new year with two lives. I am so incredibly lucky.


Eve Petlyakov lives in Seattle, Washington. She loves rain and is completely addicted to coffee. She can usually be found wandering downtown Seattle in search of ratty old books. In SL she can usually be found on the KMADD or Nordhaven sims when she’s not relaxing at home with her friends in Koh Sichang.




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