January 9th, 2011: beladona Memorial – Cont’d

1.9.09 / 1.9.11

Today starts out as a lazy Sunday — I wake up on the couch [never made it quite back to the bedroom last night] with the cat snuggled against my legs and the Science channel showing me how airplane tires are made.   I get up and stagger around a bit, remembering to text my usual “Good morning love” to my partner Searaven, then sit down at the computer and start going through blog posts and emails.  Kula pesters me, then settles down finally in the sunlight streaming in from the balcony door — it is bitter cold outside, but snug and warm in the apartment.  I decide that today I am going to just kick back and relax.  Laundry and chores can wait!

I pop in world to bat blue boxes — first as beladona, then as rhia.   The others don’t have as many messages as those two, but both of their IMs get capped pretty quickly.  While in world, rhia gets distracted with furnishing her pod on Haven’s new space station and playing Tiny Empires — Bela Enchanted joins her briefly.  Then Sea logs in and beladona joins him.   We spend time chatting, and then go dancing at Tuna’s Odd Ball.   We reminisce over the past two years and spend some time looking at old snapshots.  I take a couple of pictures of our day and give Sea a copy.  “Tourist” he says with a fond smile as I retort, “Photo-journalist!”

Later I have a difficult phone call to deal with — you would think at my age, I would be used to finding out my POV is not always the way that it is, neh?  The Sci Fi channel is running all the Star Trek movies, one after the other — is that RL?   Sunday night fades away; and 6AM looms on the horizon — that seems awfully early on a Monday morning!


beladona Memorial hasn’t won the lottery yet, but is still trying.  Kula still shares the apartment in Silver Spring with her and her books.



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