January 10th, 2011: Jewel Violet

Pressure… has played a tremendously influential role in my life.  And as I stare at the ceiling at 4 AM today instead of getting ready for Crew practice, I realize that a majority of my life activities have been induced by pressure. Even Rowing.  Even Student Government.  Even my job. And even my decision to attend this university was influenced by the pressure from my family and the lovely dysfunctional relationship I have with them.  Albeit I love my life here, as I walk with my friends to practice, I realized that my peers have also suffered from the power of pressure.  Paradoxically, while pressure has at times been a source of motivation, it is also a source of depression.  And the thing is…one person can only handle so much.  The truth is that I’m struggling as it is to keep up, but the intensity of the pressure is threatening to engulf me.  And I’m scared of failing. I’m scared of failing and disappointing expectations.  Amidst this overwhelming pressure that threatens my very sanity in real life, I find comfort in second life.  Although I first joined Second Life only to communicate with one of my closest friends in RL, I have found friends in SL that have crossed over that boundary I tried to place between the two worlds and have become an important part of my real life. Even though I am not able to log into SL as much due to a lack of time during the school term, even the ability to access plurk on my cell gives me the comfort and relaxation that sl provides.  SL creates an alternate life in which I have no responsibility, where no one has extremely high expectations of me, which I must fulfill.  And in SL, I’m allowed the luxury to relax and actually breathe; and so… to everyone in my SL I wanted to say…thank you.


Jewel Violet is currently a third year student at a university in Northern California, double majoring in Business and Political Science.  She is currently studying for the LSAT, she works in a law firm as an assistant, and is involved in crew and student government on campus. One of her favorite parts of the day in RL is getting the same flyer from the same guy telling them the different reasons why every student on campus is going to hell. And unfortunately, she doesn’t do anything exciting or noteworthy in SL.


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