January 11th, 2011: Braden Santos

Looking out the window, I’m watching the falling snow, wishing I was out playing in it.  Alas, I’m at work on this “day of ones”, busy with the excitement my job brings.  Every day is different, each with new challenges and surprises – and for that I’m thankful.

I haven’t logged into SL yet, not sure if I’ll get the chance today.  Historically, my time there has ebbed and flowed, gone in cycles, so to speak.  I’ll be on every day for months – concert-going, exploring, reflecting, escaping.  At some point I’ll get bored with the whole thing and shut it down for a year or two, only to come back and do it all again.  What brings me back?  Lots of things… the solitude, the excitement, the ability to just be me, etc…

I’m sure many of you have had a moment in your SLife that changed you forever the instant it happened.  I’ve had a moment like that – it was wonderful – one that I hope will break my ebbs and flows.  Sure, these moments happen in RL too, but for me, it’s so much more powerful in SL, given the limitations of the medium.  It’s more pure – without baggage.  No pre-conceived notions, it’s all about feeling.

I like to think of my moment, and what it has developed into, as my “one thing” (appropriate for today’s date).  What do I mean by that?  It’s something, within all that swirls around us, which keeps coming back to the forefront.  Something that really matters and all the other stuff is just that – stuff.

What’s your “one thing”?  There are no rules. Think about it… you may be surprised at what you uncover in that mind of yours – and here’s the beauty of it – once found and thought of in that light, it takes on an even more important meaning than it ever had before.

Before I go… When I saw this day was available on the calendar to write, I grabbed it right away.  I want to send my thoughts to someone I deeply love who lost their Mom on this day many years ago.  May the sadness, while never truly gone, fade to happy, joyful memories.


Braden Santos lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where he loves to volunteer at SLCH’s Oncology Unit– for it is why he is alive today.  He also likes to read anything, dabble with writing, hike up tall mountains and bike along country roads.  He thanks his career in advertising for introducing him to Second Life 1,560 days ago.  When in-world, he loves the live music scene, exploring and meeting cool people – say hi sometime!


2 Responses to “January 11th, 2011: Braden Santos”

  1. Joonie Jatho Says:

    beautiful, b. thank you =)

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