January 14th, 2011: jemima Clowes – Cont’d

It’s funny what difference a couple of weeks can make in one’s life.

In real life, I just found out my favorite uncle has three weeks at most to live. He has a brain tumor and lung cancer. He has exhausted all treatments available, nothing left can save him. Nothing can bring back my Uncle Bill from this sickness, a man who moved here from Jamaica in the 60’s to help his family out, to better his life and that he did. I have memories of him taking me for a ride in his limo ( he owned a limo company) he made me feel like a princess. It was at his house i first used the internet, so many memories of things I could go on for hours. I have a task to complete before the inevitable happens. I need to find my way to say goodbye. I have never experienced knowing someone is going to die, this is hard for me. But i will find a way to deal with it as hard as it may be. I keep telling myself, it is selfish of me to want him to stay with us when he is in so much pain.

Since I found this out yesterday, it has made me take a second look at things and people around me. To remember to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me. To not walk out the door without saying goodbye and I love you. To not go to bed mad at your significant other at night. To not log out of sl without telling your sl loved ones that you love them. Cause honestly you have no clue when you will not be able to do these things again.

So if you have got this far in my post please go and tell the people who mean something to you , that you love them and hug them. Do it for them…. Do it for yourself, do it for no reason at all.


jemima Clowes is still a stay at home mom who live in Ontario, Canada. Since her last post, she has really changed the way she looks at things. You can still find her in the same places in SL, doing the same things, with the same people, because they are what mean part of the world to her <3



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