January 17th, 2010: Anemysk Karu

I’m not good with words. I would even say I hate writing. But I decided that I will try to challenge myself as much as possible! So here we go.

Today is a very “normal” Monday. Nothing special, really. Except I’m hungry again. I would wake up every morning with hungry eyes. I just want to feed them with all amazingness of this world and most of the time I am desperately looking for things that will inspire me the most. For me, a picture is worth a thousand words. My inspiration for today is: Red Lipstick. I’m obsessed with it.

My clock goes off at 7 AM … then 7.20 … then 7.40 AM. At that point, the only thing that really got me to move was knowing that before leaving for work I needed to finish something for SL. I watched the Golden Globes last night so I only had 3 hours of sleep. Then I’m out of the bed to take care of the usual stuff: get dressed, fix my hair, check my e-mails. I’m out the door as the clock shows 8.20 AM. Same bus, same bus driver, same steps every day. I won’t bore you with the details of my normal day at work. I’ve been there for 4 years and at this point I dream about changing it with something new. Typical me. I get bored with things very easily depending on whether or not I need some inspiration in my life. Pretty boring stuff, uh.

Actually I’m in a pretty good mood. I got home from work, had my dinner  and I spent some quality time with my house mates. Finally, after 5 years of looking for right people to live with, I found them. I’m a very lucky girl. It’s not easy to be alone in different country and starting life from scratch. I was like fish without water for years. I have made some amazing friends in Second Life but most of them are so far away. Tonight I pretty much just hung around with girls at my apartment, having some good food, drinks and laughs.

It was a nice Monday and the time flew by, while so many things were going on… somewhere else.


Anemysk Karu is a graphics designer, Second Life content creator, blogger, and a hermit. She was born in Poland but lives in Ireland. Co-owner of [glow] Studio. She enjoys eating, sleeping, laughing & loving. She generally procrastinates a lot.


One Response to “January 17th, 2010: Anemysk Karu”

  1. Elena Says:

    Amazing pics and post

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