January 23rd, 2010: Noena Merlin

It’s a lazy Sunday…

Or at least, I would love to pretend it is. Since I became the mom of an amazingly cute little warrior (now 16 months old), those kind of days seem to have vanished mysteriously. These days, it’s all about the rare but wonderfully lazy half hours.


Never the less, it will be a really good day today because one of my close friends is celebrating his birthday. A friend that I only know through my second life, but has become very dear. So to me, it’s an important date. A birthday I want to celebrate, call up friends for to discuss the surprise, get my dancing shoes on…

But… it’s an SL friend. Which does not make any difference to me. It’s just, SL does not come up often when I talk to people in my “first” life. When it does, I mostly get the comment “Are you still doing that?!” And when they realize I’m “still” doing that for almost 4 years now, I apparently need help badly.


So I bite my tongue and only hold the birthday talks with my hubby, who by now knows how serious and caring his strange wife is about any kind of friend.

Don’t tell me a second life friend equals a second hand friend. That’s bullshit. I love each and every one of my close friends of any life dearly.


In the end SL isn’t that much different from RL. You meet nice people, you meet weird people. You get loved, and you sometimes get stabbed in the back. When you do fall and get hurt, you dust off and learn from it.


So today, I asked my hubby to babysit our little warrior this evening while I snuggle up on the couch with my computer in my lap, chips and diet coke nearby, headphones on and dance the night away in honor of one hell of a friend!


/me shouts: Happy birthday, gorgeous!! <3


Noena Merlin is a Belgian graphic designer, owner of .Sweet Antidote., treehugger, booklover, moonhowler, mom, stepmom, partner, friend, …




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