January 26th, 2011: Ashleigh Dickins – Cont’d

6:00 AM – It’s still dark out but I’m up and getting dressed. Having to cross state lines to go face my ex-boss in court. It’s still too early to be nervous, the tiredness drowns it out.

7:00 AM – Getting closer and more awake, but it’s a foggy coastal morning with work day traffic it helps clog up the nerves.

8:00 AM – HThe fog clears and the nerves manifest as a totally fake smile and nervous laughter.

8:30 AM – I enter the courthouse and duck in to an office to ask if the courtroom’s unlocked. I’m told it should be, just go up the stairs and straight through the doors. Where I settle in a large courtroom.

9:00 AM – Court hasn’t started on time, not surprising. But the room is filling up, no sign of the ex-boss but that isn’t surprising either.

9:30 AM – Finally Roll Call, the A.D.A does it. It doesn’t occur to me to wonder why he is the one doing it. It does occur to me to wonder why neither mine nor the ex-boss’ name is called during the roll call.

9:45 AM – After being shuffled downstairs and between two offices, I’m told “That case was already heard. I saw him leave.” My heart does hiccups and jumping jacks, it was already heard? I was in the wrong courtroom. But I should go up and talk to the magistrate and explain what happened.

10:00 AM – The magistrate refused to hear my side today. Despite the fact I drove 2 hours to be there. She dismissed the case. I caused a minor scene in the clerk’s office when they told me I’d have to file an appeal and it’d be $100 to do so. I leave the court pissed off and frustrated, sick of my ex-boss getting away with everything.

Seriously, the man has the kind of luck that would win the lottery without buying a ticket. So I’ve driven home, two hours again, and will be driving back again tomorrow with my paperwork filled out to file an appeal and get the case heard.


Ashleigh Dickins is a 27 year old living in South Carolina. She’s been in Second Life since 2006 and owns Basics. She also blogs as well as raises bunnies and is in-world editor for the quarterly SurfWatch Magazine which is working on Volume 8. Often she’ll be sitting alone in her bunny garden on SL while watching TV and working on items for her etsy shop.



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