January 28th, 2011: Ganymedes Costagravas

Today, the 27th of January, is the day after my birthday. I try to never have to go to work on my birthday, so when I arrived at my desk the day seemed promising with a small package waiting! Oooh! Perhaps it’s something fun!
Big anticlimax: books for the library at work.
One sigh later I turned on my computer and opened my mailbox. Birthday wishes! (upbeat morning climax!)

Closer to lunch the time seemed right to do a “birthday-tour” around the office building. Over here it’s tradition to bring something to work for your birthday to treat your collegues… you might think that’s strange, treating others for your birthday, but it’s something we do.
I’m not much of a baker, pastries and pies and such I just fail at (big time), so I do what most Belgians do: buy chocolates. It’s a cliché with a capital C, but it’s the type that never fails. I’ve learned to bring along 2 boxes: one large box holding a blend and a medium sized box holding only all-white chocolates.
My timing was good as most people were having their last coffee of the morning, which is always better with a little bonbon on the side! Lots of kissing was involved in this tour :D

My closest collegues I took out to lunch. There’s an oldfashioned café 10 minutes from our office building, run by a Greek lady who serves all-you-can-eat giant prawns, which come at the bargain price of € 9,50 (I doubt she makes any profit at all on it). We usually go there for birthdays or alike and know that we will be out from 12 noon to 2 PM.
I always overindulge with something as tasty as prawns, so the rest of the afternoon I wasn’t very productive.

Back home I didn’t go on SL® for very long today, I’m actually reading Harry Potter (again), and whenever I escape into that world I want the full saga experience! I’m on book 3 which I still think is one of the best in the series. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shower, make me some tea and curl up in bed with Harry.


Ganymedes Costagravas is a twenty-something from Belgium who enjoys the little things in life. Easiest to please with a book on mythology, art or architecture, his main interests remain in the wide spectrum where imagination and creativity rule, preferably with a certain amount of details that put the human senses to the test.


One Response to “January 28th, 2011: Ganymedes Costagravas”

  1. Starfire "Star" Silverstar Says:

    Happy Birthday Gany!!! (headspin) Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd ook!!!
    *grabs a chocolate bonbon* mmmmm lekker!!
    Sounds like a wonderful day! Would love to try that restaurant sometime! Prawns for €10 (bigeyes) Awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing. Xxxxses N Hugzz!!
    <3 <3 <3

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