February 2nd, 2011: Douleur LeSuere

We had been under severe weather advisory all night. The weather channels had proclaimed we’d get about 9 to 16 inches by noon today, and the most being dumped on us while we all slept. The school districts in and around my city canceled classes left and right, and as I sat there – curled up on my couch, hot tea in hand, I wondered how severe it would be. State of Emergency? If that was the case, I would get a snow day from work, and the thought of it would allow me to just huddle down and log into SL no care but to dally the day away.

Of course, while watching the weather channel, I would be in world, talking to people up and down the coast that were all running around to hunker down from the onslaught of winter weather. One would be running out to cover his car, another getting home later than normal due to traffic. We all felt the same thing. Winter was finally here.

I even role-play the season. Because of the nature of where I am in my SL, going from an apoc world to a realism sim, everyday life is placed from my RL into my SL. Just as I get up, dress, coffee in hand, my avatar does the same. Since its winter, she’s dressed in boots, jeans, a jacket – not the skimpy and slightly revealing outfits of my before life in another sim. She looks like me on any giving day. They always talk about separating your RL from your SL in role-play. It’s kind of hard to do when you put so much into your character, and the seasons – even though it’s just weather, still plays a part. Its winter and we’re both just cold.


Douleur LeSuere lives in a bubble called Lake Effect. She’s an avid role-player, amateur photographer, newbie blogger (http://secondofmylife.wordpress.com/) and has been around Second Life for a little over four years. Although stuck in the cold of winter, she does still find time to lie around on an island and use the many bathing suits in her inventory while her typist sits back jealous in a sweatshirt and blankets.



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