February 4th, 2011: Arianna Earst

You never know what the day will bring you even if you think you have it planned out because life is truly unpredictable. Something happened today that elicited thoughts about relationships in Second Life.

The sim was initially quiet and empty before she popped in. This would be an individual who would take my day and unconsciously flip it around almost one hundred and eighty degrees. The rest of the day was a blur of various intense emotions. She distinctly reminded me a friend who left our friendship a couple months ago. Could it be her in another form? Time passed and even though my imagination desperately wanted it to be true, I realized that her tone and demeanor was significantly different than the friend I once knew.

This experience reminded me one again that people and relationships quickly pass as fast they appear in this virtual world. In the spark of this memory revolving around friendships, I realized that in our physical world, it is not that much different. Things can also change just as fast, but it is usually through the midst of the flurry of our day.

Change is something I still struggle with on a daily basis. Even though I get bored fast and welcome change, it is the kind that I can control that brings me a feeling of easiness. The other kind is full of uncertainty, fear and the unknown. I am still trying to learn how to take uncontrollable shifts in time and transform them into positive learning experiences. Second Life is helping me through this process.


Arianna Earst occupies the space of a 25 year old woman who lives on the beautiful pacific coast in Oregon. She has been in Second Life for the past two years and has recently begun dabbling in fashion blogging and tries to write in her personal blog. She is also a recent college graduate who has way too much time on her hands while searching for employment. She has decided that spending time with her little nephews and trying to capture as many moments in time with her camera is the way she is going to live her life right now.



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