February 5th, 2011: Oscar Page

When I first decided I wanted to do this I knew I was going to talk about my last birthday in the 20s. Yes, I can faintly hear Hell’s Bells, but I don’t mind it. I’ve had a lot of fun today so far. My day started with watching the second half of Arsenal/Newcastle, and it was the only time a team (Arsenal) has given up a 4 goal lead in the history of the EPL. Let’s just say my brother was not a happy camper when I talked to him about it. After the game finished up, I hopped in the shower because my parents and I were headed off to Stir Crazy for lunch. I had some fantastic Korean BBQ beef tacos. They even had this little holder for the tacos, so they wouldn’t marinate in the juices. With amazing tacos in my stomach, I took a drive to the south side and played some laser tag with friends from my kickball team. My team did some work. I don’t know my official K:D ratio, but I’m sure it was up there. As I put on my coat to leave the laser tag arena, I felt my phone buzzing from a text I had gotten while laser tagging. Apparently, my best buddy from work got a big promotion. I’m really excited for him because he 100% deserves it. Oh, and I found out about my big promotion on Monday. Yay! I move from hourly to salary and get a shiny, new title of Producer. I felt like I had earned a lot of respect and this is a big step in my career and life as a whole. Now, I’m home post-laser tag and I’m in SL, but only idly chatting with friends. I cleared some note cards, notices, and the 60+ emails from people posting on my Facebook wall about my birthday. My SL activity has slowed down and will get slower with the new job. I’m looking forward to dinner with a turtle ice cream cake as dessert. My mouth is watering and in the words of my jam by Ice Cube, “I gotta say it was a good day.”


Oscar Page is now a 29-year-old Producer from the great cheese state of Wisconsin and really hoping that the Green Bay Packers pull it out tomorrow for a belated birthday present. In terms of SL, he has been a fashion blogger since 2008 and was a Tringo hustler prior to that. In terms of RL, he’s a big time adult kickball player and competent soccer player who loves to let his brother know when his fantasy EPL team score is higher than his brother’s.




2 Responses to “February 5th, 2011: Oscar Page”

  1. Daila Holder Says:

    Producer… I like the sound of that.

    I didn’t know it was possible to like you anymore, but you’re just so gosh darn likeable!

    Congrats on all your success. I’m sure it’s well-deserved.

    If you’re still looking for a place to invest your nest egg, pp me. :P

  2. Refresh | Oscaresque Says:

    […] and I’ll try my best to get these posts in on the weekends as my work days just got longer (per my two 365 post). Have a fantastic rest of your weekend […]

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