February 7th, 2011: Ganymede Galaxy

February 7th 2011 was a rather ordinary. Even though I said goodbye to my family and flew thousands of kilometres away from home for university, it still felt ordinary. I don’t know what factors attributed to the emptiness but I just felt complete indifference. Throughout the day my mind has been racing, dreaming up scenarios of my future:  of failure and stability, yet my brain sweeps them away. I just want to be at the finish, I am tired of not knowing where I will end up. SL has been a support for me over the past year and a bit. It has provided me with a distraction from the negatives that once invaded my RL. Now I am living away from all that, semi-independent and free to do what I want within reason, which begs the question of whether I really even need to be in SL anymore.  Sure I have friends and family, a business and a good time when I am on my computer. However, I am one of these people who have seemed to lost interest in this aspect of my life once my RL situations have changed. I could not tell you where I believe I will end up because I can’t possibly fathom as to where I will be in 3 years’ time once I have completed my second degree.  I could be dead, homeless, Partnered, stable, mental- So many possibilities. I just don’t know if SL is preventing me from reaching my full potential or helping me get there. So much to think about, yet all seems futile.So for now I will remain here, in my small, stuffy dorm room for the rest of the day and ponder where my life may take me. All because I can’t choose my destination but I can choose my direction.


Ganymede Galaxy was born in California and moved to Australia at age 7. When not studying or working in RL he designs makeup, clothes and Accessories for his “femboy” store Love-In-Idleness. Once a dreamer, he is now famous amongst his friends for doing interpretive dance when drunk.


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