February 10th, 2011: Felicity Blumenthal – Cont’d

My last entry was July 17th, 2010.  Wow, that was last year; it seems like a moment and a lifetime ago all at once.  I am now a year old, no, really….today is my birthday.  Officially 33, shesh!!  While I am reflecting, where has the last 10 years gone?  Lets see, I have; Gotten engaged, bought a home, had a child, quit my job, sold a home, moved thousands of miles away to a foreign country (okay, so maybe it was just to the south, but it might as well be a foreign country), and had another child.  When I think about it that way, it doesn’t seem like it has flown by, I’ve had so much change.

Somewhere in that 10 year span, I joined Second Life, I think it was mid July 2006.  I can’t quite imagine what my life would be like without it now, while I was busy going through all of my real life changes, Second Life was an active part. There is a handful or so of you, that have crossed over into my real life, in ways that have helped change and mold me, from the experiences we’ve shared.

This brings me back to today, my 33rd birthday.  I woke up this morning, and while listening to my daughter whisper to my husband in the kitchen as she drew inside my birthday card.  I lay quietly in bed with my droid, and scanned my e-mails, texts, and plurk (of course).  They were all messages from my loved ones, all over the world wishing me a happy birthday.  It is incredibly nice to have so many people in so many places take a few moments and let you know they are thinking of you.

I am lucky, I don’t say it enough, but I am.  And.. I love you, you know who you are, I don’t tell you enough, but I do.


Felicity Blumenthal is the Editor of Second Style Magazine, Brand Manager for Belleza skins and blogger at My Second Closet.  Originally from New York, and now living in North Carolina, Felicity is the 33 year old mother of an almost 6 year old diva and 1 year old boy. She is now a part-time student, though *still* not quite sure what she wants to be when she grows up.

*Photo by the always amazing Kallisto Destiny

One Response to “February 10th, 2011: Felicity Blumenthal – Cont’d”

  1. Sophia Harlow Says:

    You are amazing..in every life. I love you, Fel.

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