February 16th, 2011: Terrie Dreadlow – Cont’d

When I signed up to do this first time, I spent days being nervous about it. I had no idea what I was going to write about, or if I would really even be able to go through with it. I waited until the last minute and just wrote whatever, hit return and didn‘t look at it again for a few weeks.  I felt like what I wrote was lame, turns out it wasn’t so bad. A couple of good things came from what I wrote, things that let me know it wasn’t so lame after all.

This is something I’ve learned from SL. When I open up and reach out just a little bit, I get so much back. I have spent my entire life trying to look like the normal girl, with the normal life and normal family. I’ve been ashamed of, and embarrassed by things I had absolutely no control over.  This has changed, because of friends I have made in SL.  I let them in and they know things about me that I‘ve never told lifelong RL friends.  And…they still love me.  My partner has heard me at my very worst, but after almost 2 yeas he is still around.  No matter what I throw at him. I can count on him and three other people like I would family. It’s all pretty amazing when I think back to the day I first made an SL account. I thought I would be logging on just the one time, have a laugh and never return again.

Thank you my love, my friends, my family.  Thank you for being there for me, and putting up with my crazy.  Most of all thank you for showing me that I’m okay, and that I’m worth loving unconditionally. I know I don’t say it often, if at all….but I love you guys and appreciate you so much more then I could ever express. And yes, you just got a giant display of public mush from me.


Terrie Dreadlow says,Since the first post on 10/21/10, nothing much has changed on the outside. It’s the inside that’s different now.”


2 Responses to “February 16th, 2011: Terrie Dreadlow – Cont’d”

  1. KouWainohia Bergbahn Says:

    You are totally awesome. You rock my boxers, if I wore them. I love you!!

  2. Liska Aura Says:

    You are Totally AwsomeT! Embrace the Mush!

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